Open the Arizona Presidential Primary to Independents

One third of Arizona voters are being denied the right to vote in the 2020 presidential primary because they are independents. We can change this.  Add your name to the letter to the State Chair of the Arizona Democratic Party, Felecia Rotellini, and the party’s State Committee members urging them to open the presidential primary to independents.  They have the authority to do so.  Add your name today! 


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If Democrats lose Arizona, they can blame their stupid presidential primary decision

Opinion: Jackie Salit - October 3, 2019 Democrats will pay dearly for excluding independents from presidential primaries. They need independents to win in Arizona and nationally.   The Arizona Democratic Party voted down a resolution on Sept. 21 to open the party’s presidential primaries in March to the state’s 1.3 million independent...
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County recorder pushes to open Presidential Preference Election

Dennis Welch - September 25, 2019 TEMPE, AZ (3TV/CBS 5) - Maricopa County Recorder Adrian Fontes left open the possibility that he might sue the state to let independent voters participate in Arizona's Presidential Preference Election. "I think all options are on the table right, now," Fontes said Tuesday during a...
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Arizona Democratic Officials: Pick a Party or Don't Vote

Shawn Griffiths - September 24, 2019 The Arizona Democratic Party has given the state’s 1.3 million independent voters a hard snub ahead of the 2020 election. Party officials rejected a proposal Saturday to open its presidential preference election, despite urging from younger party activists and nonpartisan reformers to support the...
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