This is an exciting and challenging time for independent voters in Arizona. Independents are now the largest community of voters in the state having surpassed the number of registered Democrats and Republicans, and yet, will not be allowed to vote in the upcoming Presidential primary. Hmmmm...you may say. What’s wrong with this picture?! The answer is simple: partisanship. Partisanship means the dominance of political parties and their interests -- in lawmaking, governing and the very conduct of our elections -- over those of the people. When partisanship is in play, there is gridlock, legislative dysfunction and the people’s interest get the back burner treatment while the parties battle it out for power and majority control. Independent Voters for Arizona is changing that.

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Testimony before the Committee on Elections

Amanda Melcher of Independent Voters for Arizona, testified today before the Arizona State Legislature Election Committee on the systemic failures of last Tuesday's presidential primary election. Below is her full testimony.  
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Statement by Tim Castro & Jacqueline Salit on Presidential preference election

Yesterday's Presidential preference election in Arizona was marred by long lines and wait times for voters prompting Gov. Ducey to go on record about the fiasco:  "One way we can fix things is to simplify them,” he said, in a statement. “That means allowing independents to vote in presidential primaries,...
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Independents Ask: Can this Phoenix Rise from the Ashes?

Jacqueline Salit is author of Independents Rising and president of IndependentVoting.org, a national association of independent voters seeking full inclusion in elections. Here she offers commentary on the suspension of the operation by the Arizona Open and Honest Elections coalition to secure ballot access for two political reform initiatives for the November ballot. 
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