Open the Arizona Presidential Primary to Independents

One third of Arizona voters are being denied the right to vote in the 2020 presidential primary because they are independents. We can change this.  Add your name to the letter to the State Chair of the Arizona Democratic Party, Felecia Rotellini, and the party’s State Committee members urging them to open the presidential primary to independents.  They have the authority to do so.  Add your name today! 


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Frustrated with political system, Gen Z voters not giving up

By Thom Reilly and Jacqueline Salit Originally Posted by Arizona Capital Times on July 12, 2024 In the November 2024 election, almost 41 million members of Generation Z (under age 30) will be eligible to vote nationally. The Gen Z population voted at a higher rate in the 2022 midterm election than previous generations...
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Young Arizonans want to vote in November. But they hate their choices

A new ASU survey says Gen Z cares deeply about many issues but is turned off by both the Democratic and Republican parties. Originally posted by By Noah Cullen, July 15, 2024, on Phoenix New Times An Arizona State University survey found Gen Z voters are likely to vote in 2024 but...
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Arizona could see open primaries on the ballot this November, allowing independents to weigh in on presidential nominees

Originally aired July 3rd, 2024 on Cronkite News (Video byAoife Kane/Cronkite News) By Aoife Kane/Cronkite News WASHINGTON – A campaign aiming to open Arizona’s primary elections filed its petition to qualify for the November ballot on Wednesday after collecting over 560,000 signatures. If passed, the state constitutional amendment would let Arizona...
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