Open the Arizona Presidential Primary to Independents

One third of Arizona voters are being denied the right to vote in the 2020 presidential primary because they are independents. We can change this.  Add your name to the letter to the State Chair of the Arizona Democratic Party, Felecia Rotellini, and the party’s State Committee members urging them to open the presidential primary to independents.  They have the authority to do so.  Add your name today! 


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How to vote in Arizona’s primary election as an independent voter Arizona’s primary election is on July 30. If you want to participate in the primary, you must register to vote by July 1. By Kylee Cruz - Originally published Jun. 17, 2024 - REPOSTED FROM PHOENIX (AZFamily) — Arizona’s primary election is a little more than a month away and if you’re...
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Arizona Initiative: Parties Can Either Accept Open Primaries or Pay for Them

By Shawn Griffiths - Originally published 6/12/24 on Independent Voter News Photo Credit: Arizona Department of Transportation / Flickr Arizona is a hotbed of political activity in the US. With the impact it had on the presidential race in 2020, many are looking to it as another critical battleground state that...
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Why is it so hard to know how many independent voters there are?

By Thom Reilly - Originally published 6/10/24 on Voters wait in line to cast their ballots in Wisconsin in November 2020. AP Photo/Wong Maye-E Modern U.S. politics has largely been viewed through the lens of a two-party power structure: Democrats and Republicans. However, this may be changing. Increasingly, the...
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