Open the Arizona Presidential Primary to Independents

One third of Arizona voters are being denied the right to vote in the 2020 presidential primary because they are independents. We can change this.  Add your name to the letter to the State Chair of the Arizona Democratic Party, Felecia Rotellini, and the party’s State Committee members urging them to open the presidential primary to independents.  They have the authority to do so.  Add your name today! 


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Arizona should stop punishing voters for choosing to be independent

Opinion: It's needlessly difficult in Arizona to vote and run for office as an independent. This ballot initiative would treat all voters the same. By John Webster and TJ Lindberg Originally published April 12, 2024 on At the heart of American democracy is the basic right to vote. This...
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My Take: The duopoly of our two-party system

Opinion by John Gutekunst Originally published Mar. 21, 2024 to Parker John Gutekunst - Pioneer File Photo On March 19, Arizonans went to the polls to decide who will be on our state’s ballot for President of the United States. However, not all Arizonans could vote in this Presidential...
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What Surging Numbers of Independent Voters Could Mean for This Fall’s Election

What Surging Numbers of Independent Voters Could Mean for This Fall’s Election From coast to coast, and in crucial swing states, independent voters are making their voices heard and will have an outsize role in 2024 and beyond. By Scott Klug - Originally posted April 4, 2024 on Getty...
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